Bike T.O. Work




Bike T.O. Work (Concept)

The safest and smartest way to bike in the city. Bike T.O. helps you find the best routes, keeps you connected with other bikers and gives you peace of mind through a sophisticated GPS security system. Keep your bike in your pocket. The GPS enabled “Bike T.O. Work Bike Grip”, will allow you to know where your bike is at all times. It even keeps track of your miles travelled and helps you set goals while you earn and share achievements.



Theft Protection

Keep tabs on your bike. With the durable Bike T.O. Work Bike Grip locked to your bike, you can check anytime to be sure your bike is where you left it. If your bike starts moving without you and your smart phone, Bike T.O. Work notifies you instantly. Giving you time to react and alert authorities. Bike T.O. Work and the Bike Grip will continue to communicate to give you accurate updates to where your bike is.






Collect, Share and Set Goals!

Bike T.O. Work lets you know you’re doing good! As you bike you will earn achievements that you can share with friends. You can set goals for yourself and try to beat your best time. Keep track of your stats such as: hours biked, calories burnt, and emission you have prevented. Biking just got more fun.