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This is a concept app designed for Metrolinx. This app was designed to be customized by the user. The My Metrolinx home screen can display routes you use the most, give you alerts when your next bus/ train is due, and let you know of any delays affecting you. A user can also purchase and use the Presto pass. Users will be able to check their limit as well as top up their card. With the Route Planner making new routes is easy. Set your destination and when you would like to arrive and the Route Planner will get you there on time. For users who take transit everyday the app can be customized to make their commuting experience less stressful. Set up your work commute in the Route Planner, save it and set it to your My Metrolinx home screen. The app will give you a reminder before your train is due. It’s great for new routes too. If you are waiting for a streetcar you’ve never taken, use the Near Me feature to see when the next streetcar will arrive.



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