Sweater Weather


The CASBY Awards

Sweater Weather (Concept)

Most weather apps want to provide you with every possible number, stat and wind direction possible. Which doesn’t really matter… unless you’re a farmer. All I want to know is should I wear a coat…?

Sweater Weather just tells you what to wear. You can customize it to make sure it knows that you don’t wear V Necks or that you’re Canadian and 16°C is still BBQ weather. Weather simplified.







What Should I Wear?

Sweater Weather let’s you know what to wear and what to bring with you so that you have a great day. It will suggest the best combo of clothes to wear for any occasion. Work, suits, date night, or just chilin, it will lay out the best combo of clothes to wear that day. Not sure what the icon means, tap on it to get a full description, plus local fashion deals in your area to make sure you’re comfy and stylish.


See into the Future.

For those who can’t live life one day at a time, don’t worry we still let you look ahead. With a 5 day forecast we let you cheat a little. But hey, don’t blame us if it doesn’t end up raining next Tuesday. Plus for those who need a quick fix of weather, you can peer down at the Sweater Weather icon to see the current weather neatly woven.










Customized to You!

We have a few questions for you, don’t worry nothing too personal. It just helps us gauge what kind of clothes you’d wear. For example you might have Sweater Weather’s style set to Work. Let us know what kind of clothes you can wear to work, and we’ll make sure you look smart and stay warm in a chilly office.