The Edge and Q107 Redesign

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Sugar Beach Sessions

 Corus Radio Redesign

The CMS (Content management system) for both the and sites was changed requiring the sites to be redesigned. The goal was to create recognizable brands that were consistent and clean, while maintaining the original character of the websites. New features were added to the sites such as: The Edge Big Nite Out, Mighty Q Vip Experience, and a completely revamped newsletter.


 102.1 the Edge

Toronto’s number one New Rock radio station. With almost two million weekly listeners in it’s full coverage area, it is one of the most listened to rock stations in North America, renowned for it’s innovative spirit, ability to break new artists and a playlist of the biggest and best songs. sees on average 250,000 – 300,000 visitors a month. The Inside Edge listener club has over 280,000 members, 180,000 of them subscribe to The Inside Edge Newsletter.

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Q107 Classic Rock

The home of classic rock for over three decades, Q107 is the most listened to rock station in Canada. Q107 is the “Music Of Your Life” radio format for the baby boom generation. Online sees on average 110,000 visitors a month. Club Q has over 140,000 members, 100,000 of them subscribe to The Club Q Newsletter.

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Project Details
Web Design
Newsletter Design
CMS ( WordPress)
Content Coordination

Complete redesign of both and, giving new life to outdated websites